Legacy Circle Members

James and Kyung Ambrose
Tom Antink
Margot S. Bach
Joseph F. and Barbara Lee Bania
Carole Wolff Barnes
Jack* and Clee* Bertolucci
Onkar and Jaswant Bindra
Jan and Patti Blankenship
Peter M. Boam
Marcia Boden
Neal* and Joan Boyd
David Britton-Ohl
Nicholas and Debra Burnett
Thomas Clark and Ann Vuletich
Jerry and Colette Coleman
Janus and Kenneth Collins
Diane Cordero de Noriega and Carlos Noriega
Hazel Cramer*
George and Linda Crandell
Jo Danti
Albert L. Delisle*
Mark S. Drobny
Herbert W. Drummond*
Kenneth H.W. and Isabel L. Earle
Chuck and Odette Ebersole
Linda Erickson
Jack and Kathy Ford
Dr. Anne Van Vleck Gant
Dennis and Denice Gardemeyer
Rebecca A. Gardner
Roy Gersten*
President Emeritus and Mrs. Donald Gerth
Thom and Linda Gilbert
Cecilia D. Gray
Rodney and Laurie Grossman
Jim Guigli and Fran Baxter-Guigli
Christine R. Hall
Professor Donald Hall
Don and Sharon Hallberg
Jay and Karen Halverson
Sheila Hard
Leslie and Anita Harper
Ronald L. and Denise Herbold
Ronald A. Holloway
Matthew and Kym Hopwood
Carelle Karimimanesh
Penny* and Terry Kastanis
Amy Kautzman and Kimberly Nalder
John B. Kelly
Kathryn J. Keyes
Eugene * and Chung (Sue) Kim
John and Ione Koch
Ivor Kraft*
Georgia B. Larson
Kelvin and Shirley Lee
Kin T. and Mae Leong
Elizabeth Luttrell and David Feder
Ken and Joyce* Macias
Anthony F.J. Martinis
Edward J. McConnell
James D. Mercer
Stacie A. Meyer
Laurel A. Mildred
Dale J. Misczynski
Phillip Moncrief*
Gary Montgomery and Tracy Stein*
Juanita Montoya
Margo Murray
Elaine Myer
Michelle C. Myers
Robert and Jody Nelsen
Judy (Luking) Newton
Kit and Susan Oase
Susan E. O’Brien*
Christine Pappenheim, R.N.
Craig and Ann Perez
Linda S. Perkins and John Cooper
Jill Peterson and Patrick Carroll, MD
Alice Marie Plymell*
Marcia Raphael
Margaret Mary Reuter
Lee Ritchey and Kella Knack
Christine Rodrigues
Cirenio Rodriguez
Dr. Susanne C. Roessler and Dr. William R. Stevens
David Rothe
Nadeen Ruiz and Robert Thiele
T.A. Ryan*
Vince Sales
Tony Shukle
Joy R. Skalbeck
Jerry Smith
Pamela and Stanley Stewart
Ralph* and Pearl Sugimoto
Hristo S. Svatovski
Prof. Thomas D. Swift*
Sandor and Holly Tiche
Chris von Saltza and Robert T. Olmstead, Jr.
Chris and David Wagner
James L. Wilson
H. Nicholas Windeshausen, Ph.D.
Dr. Marilyn Winters
Lisa Woodard-Mink and Tom Mink

*Deceased member