Business Student and Scholarship Recipient Focuses on Her Goals

Allison Rupe

Allison Rupe

Allison Rupe has overcome several significant challenges in her young life. Between the ages of 17 and 21, she lost one brother and both her parents. Yet she maintains a positive, goal-oriented attitude.

“I don’t allow my trauma to define me,” says Rupe. “I prefer people to see me for my warmth and constant drive to help others.”

Rupe graduated with honors from Santa Rosa Junior College. She transferred to Sacramento State and is now a student in the College of Business Administration. She was recently awarded a scholarship from Sacramento State’s Business Alumni chapter.

Rupe plans to reach two primary goals before she turns 25.

“The first is to immerse myself in green business in Sacramento, and the second is to pursue an MBA to start my own environmentally focused nonprofit,” she says. “It is my constant mission to use my talents to better the health of our Earth.”

Rupe says her biggest accomplishment to date has been influencing kids through her volunteer work as a Schools of Hope tutor and working as a summer camp counselor.

“I take the nurturing of our future so seriously, and it is my constant goal to assure and inspire kids that they can do good and they are enough,” she says.

Nearly half of Sac State’s students receive financial aid such as donor-funded scholarships. When a student receives a scholarship, it’s more than just the financial boost that helps keep them enrolled and engaged. Scholarships also inspire students to reach the next level in their academic career.

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