Giving Back Helps Future Students

Gloria Stroemer

Gloria Stroemer

When Gloria Stroemer went to Sacramento State, tuition cost only $37.50 a semester—a sum that seems unimaginable for students today.

Gloria went to junior college for two years before transferring to Sac State after a professor encouraged her to apply, recommending the speech therapy program.

She graduated from Sacramento State with a degree in speech therapy in 1966 and completed her Master of Education in 1973. She found her experience at Sac State fulfilling, as the classes were small and engaging with highly knowledgeable instructors.

"Going to Sac State was the highlight of my life," says Gloria.

The impact that Gloria's education had on her life was immense. The professors and instructors not only taught her the valuable information she needed for her degrees, but they also opened up a whole new way of thinking she didn't have before, making all the difference in her career and life.

"Sac State made such a tremendous change in my life for the positive," says Gloria. "I can't put a figure on its value in my life."

For Gloria, deciding to designate Sacramento State as a beneficiary in her will didn't require a second thought. She feels deeply fortunate for the opportunities she had because of her education and hopes to make a difference by providing for a scholarship for a student in the future.

"I was able to go to college, but it saddens me when I see the tuition rates for students today. I wouldn't have been able to afford it. I just wanted to help another student," she says.

Gloria has included a number of charitable organizations in her will, including Habitat for Humanity, Operation Smile and the Salvation Army, among others. For Gloria, the hardest part about making charitable commitments is limiting the number of organizations and causes to support.

"I wish I could give more," says Gloria. "I tell others to give whatever you can. It's important to do for the students."

Like Gloria, you can help future Sac State students with a gift through your estate plan. Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a difference. To learn more, contact Lora L. Hollingsworth at or (916) 278-6115.